Links to other Changtang expeditions
Changtang traverse from Magnai Zhen to Shuanghu; 2003; Janne Coarx und Nadine Saulnier
Kerriya Shankou expedition by bicycle (West Tibet); 2002
Website of Janne Corax und Nadine Saulnier, Website of Martin Adserballe
From Toze Kangri to "fault formation road" (West Tibet); 2002; Richard Ridgeway et al.
North-to-South crossing of the ChangTang by bicycle Qiemo to Gertse; 2005; a team of four Russians
Mountain&Bike: Cycling to climb mountains in the western Chang Tang - first ascend of Toze Kangri, first ascend of Tagchagpuri; 2007; Waltraud Schulze and Andy Heßberg together with two Scandinavians

Kashgar to Kailash and across Chang Tang, 2009;
Impressive tour done by Chinese cylist "Tintin". (Website, Photoalbum)