Logistics and Equipment of the Changtang expedition
The distance to cover across the central Changtang is approximately 1000 km through partly difficult terrain. We had estimated a daily coverage of 20 km, and calculated with 1kg of food consisting of 4500 kcal. In addition, 20 liters of water was necessary - in the high altitude we needed up to 5 liters a day. On top of this we had to carry 25 kg of other equipment (clothing, tent, sleeping bags, climbing gear). No way we could carry all that on our backs...
We transported our gear and 45kg of food in trailers which have similarities to horse sulkys. After a two-year development phase, we came up with the final model which had a frame made of titanium tubes, and a wooden plate for storage of gear. The trailers were pulled using the harness that is usually used for pulkas.
Our food plan was estimated with 4500 kcal per person per day, and the amounts were calculated for 55 days. The diet consisted of dehydrated food (Pemmikan, energy bars, dried fruit, dried vegetables; produced by Andy Heßberg, Mountainbike Expedition Team), and other things (instant noodles, chocolate, army bisquits, milk powder, etc) which were bought in Nepal.